Wolf Star Technologies provide software for load reconstruction using the well-established principle known as influence coefficients. The software uses strain measurements and a correlation matrix extracted from a FEA model to reconstruct operating loads on structures.

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Wolf Star Technologies (WST) was founded in November 2010. It was founded by Tim Hunter and he is the President, prior to forming Wolf Star Technologies Tim Hunter was the chief engineer at Harley Davidson motorcycles where he spent 22 years doing product development. His entire career has been engaged in using FEA testing and correlation to launch product into production  and dealing with every aspect of product development including design concepts, design-development, life products etc

True-Load is a first to market to solution that leverages FEA models to place strain gauges on unmodified physical parts and then back calculate loading. Output directly feeds into True-QSE events, a powerful post processing tool that supports rapid virtual iteration. True-Load directly interfaces to FEA fatigue software to make FEA based fatigue with correlated loading events a natural part of the design cycle.



True-QSE creates Quasi-Static Events by attaching user defined scaling functions to FEA solutions. True-QSE leverages the power of linear superposition. Like True-LDE, True-QSE supports interaction with the FEA model to create plots of nodal and elemental functions. True-QSE can create operating deflection shapes. 


True-LDE is designed to make post processing Linear Dynamic Events intuitive and interactive. True-LDE leverages the power of linear superposition of modal results. Quickly probe the model for responses to user defined excitations. True-LDE offers powerful tools to create operating deflection shapes and peak value plots.

The True-Load Workflow