software distribution

VR&D Channel Partner

BIGDOT Optimization

BIGDOT – Large Scale Optimization Software Library. Users link the BIGDOT library with their program to perform optimization.

DOT Optimization

Best-in-class optimizer for gradient based optimization. Users have to link the DOT library into their own program.


Unique tool for coupling LS-DYNA and GENESIS optimization. ESLDYNA is based on the Equivalent Static Loads (ESL) method.

SMS Eigen Solver

High Performance Computing Software. SMS is an external matrix solver software used to extract eigenvalues and eigenvectors.


VisualDOC is Software for Process Integration and Multi-discipline Design Optimization.


GENESIS Structural Optimization for ANSYS Mechanical (GSAM) is an integrated extension that adds topology, topography, freeform, sizing etc.


GENESIS Structural Analysis and Optimization Software is a fully integrated analysis and design optimization software package.

Design Studio for GENESIS

Graphical Pre- and Post-processing Software.It allows users to display analysis as well as optimization results.